1862: Myron Francis Going to Gamiel Woods

This letter was written by Myron Francis Going (1841-1915), the son of Eliab Going (1813-1901) and Hannah Warren (1814-19xx) of Townsend, Massachusetts.

Myron enlisted in Co. B, 26th Massachusetts Infantry on 2 September 1861; was mustered in on 18 October 1861, and was promoted to commissary sergeant on 12 April 1862. He mustered out of the regiment at Lowell on 7 November 1864.


Addressed to Mr. Gamiel Woods, Esq., Townsend Center, Massachusetts

New Orleans [Louisiana]
September 7th 1862

Friend Gamiel,

It is a long time since I have heard from you. Why don’t you write once and awhile and let the folks know that you are alive. Well Gamiel, I am enjoying city life tiptop. Having a good time. Don’t hear much about the war down this way. I guess this war is now coming to an end. It don’t look much like it now. The talk is is here that Gen. B. F. Butler is going to South Carolina to take Fort Sumter and that the 26th Regiment is going with him. I hope it is so. We have stayed here long enough. About time for us to go somewhere.

I tell you what it is, Gamiel, this is a gay old city. I have had some big times out here. Once and awhile I don’t come home till morning. I can play it on them some for I am outside of the lines all the time and I don’t have no roll call to my house. So I go & come when I please. I don’t sleep on a hard bed every night, I tell you. But it costs a man all he can for to live out here. Everything is so high. I suppose it is getting to be about time for apples and all kinds of fruit. I should like to be in Old Townsend about this time but I guess we shan’t see Townsend before next spring, if we do then. I guess there will be some cheering if they do begin to draft in Townsend. Some of the old fellows will have to start with the gun and knapsack on their back. I guess they will wish they was making half barrels at 6 cts. apiece before they have been out long.

I suppose the old band is going yet. Meet once a month, same as usual? Play like the devil? Our band is going home in a few days. ¹ They feel pretty good about it. I wish I was going with them but I am good for the years yet. Andrew Sloan ² is getting to be pretty smart again. He is so that he is doing duty now. Charles Martin ³ is dead. All the rest of the boys are all well. If we go along with Butler, we may have chances to go home on a furlough. Gamiel, give my love to all the folks &c.. write often.

Yours as ever, M. F. G., Com[missary] Sgt.

¹ The band members of the 26th Massachusetts were mustered out of the service on 15 September 1862.

² Andrew H. Sloan (1838-1922) was also a resident of Townsend when he enlisted at age 23 in September 1861 in Co. B, 26th Massachusetts Infantry. He reenlisted as a veteran on 1 February 1864 but was taken prisoner on 26 October 1864 near Newtown, Virginia and served over three months in a Confederate prison before he was paroled. He mustered out 26 August 1865.

³ Charles H. Martin of Co. B, 26th Massachusetts Regiment died on 18 August 1862.

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