1864: Harrie L. Fisher to Maggie Kyle

This letter was written by Sgt. Harrie (“Harry”) L. Fisher who enlisted as a Private and was mustered into Co. D, 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment in July 1863. He was promoted to Sergeant in Co. F on 4 January 1864.  He fought at the Battles of New Market, Piedmont, Charlestown, Opequan, Fisher’s Hill and Cedar Creek. He was wounded on 19 October 1864 in the Battle at Cedar Creek and was discharged for disability on 17 April 1865.

Harrie addressed the letter to Margaret (“Maggie”) Beatty Kyle (1839-1923), the daughter of David and Mary (Beatty) Kyle of Fannettsville, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Maggie became the second wife of Rev. Jeremiah Smith Gordon (1829-1904) in 1867. Gordon was an 1852 graduate of Princeton and an 1857 graduate of the Princeton Theological Seminary. I could find no evidence that this Maggie Kyle was the same “young lady” by that name who attended the Ravenswood Academy on Long Island and was introduced to Harrie in 1860.


Addressed to Miss Maggie Kyle, Fannettsburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Headquarters 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Martinsburg, Virginia
April 6th 1864

Dear & Respected Friend,

You will no doubt be surprised when you receive a letter from me & if I am mistaken in the person, I humbly beg your kind pardon & will relate the matter to you. Four years ago I was a graduate of Ravens Woods Academy & had an introduction to a lady by the same name as yours from the State of Pennsylvania. The young lady gave me her address but it got misplaced & I did not write. But I passed through your town a few weeks ago & passed a compliment on a young lady & there was a gentleman told me the name. Please write and let me know if you ever went to school at Ravens Wood, Long Island, New York. My father keeps store in Philadelphia & my Father, Mother & Sister is in Philadelphia. But you was before the Rebellion a Virginian.

Please answer this & if I am mistaken, I humbly beg your pardon.

Direct [to] Harrie L. Fisher, Co. H, 22nd Pa. Cavalry, Martinsburg, Va.

Please excuse me for making myself so bold. Also all mistakes for the weather is so cold I can hardly write.


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