1865: Charles Edward Fowler to Mary

Charles Edward Fowler

This letter was written by Sgt. Charles Edward Fowler (1841-1883) of Co. G, 20th Connecticut Infantry, of New Haven, Connecticut. Charles was the son of Timothy Fowler (1814-1888) and Mary Eliza Stevens (1818-1885).

Charles was discharged on 26 May 1865 at Chattanooga — nine days after writing this letter. In 1866, he married Julia Mary Holliday (1850-1922) and worked as a city surveyor in New Haven until his premature death in 1883.


Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
May 17, 1865

Cousin Mary,

Yours of the __ of April was received several days ago, but having been rather busy for the last few days, have neglected answering until the present. We are having very pleasant weather now but getting to be almost uncomfortably warm — so much so that I am getting anxious to be north of the Ohio. I expect to leave the mountain very soon as the soldiers in the hospital are to be discharged. I do not know how soon I shall get away but think it will be in a week.

I do not intend to go directly home as I wish to visit Chicago and some other places in the West, but think I shall “bring round” to Connecticut some time in June. I have packed up the most of my things and sent home so as not to be bothered with any unnecessary baggage when on my travels.

I have now finished my work at the Archt’s Office and while I remain on the Mountain, I intend to enjoy myself and be as lazy as my nature will allow, which I am quite confident will be no difficult matter.

I am very sorry that I never received that famed “long letter” that Grace wrote to me. It must have been a curiosity in more ways than one and I will admit that I have often had the desire to know what the result was of “three hours” “brain raking” practically illustrated by the orb chirographical. It seems that she was discouraged by the sequel of her labors for she has never since exercised her talents in the production of an epistle of more than ordinary length.

I recovered from my sickness in a short time. Am pretty well at present with one exception. I think I have alarming symptoms of consumption, about three times a day, although I am certain that the Commissary is more inconvenienced by the malady than I am.

Thank you for your offer to send me a piece of ‘lection cake but I think I had better wait until I get to your house which I think I can safely promise to be some time in July if not before.

I expect Jeff Davis passes through Chattanooga today. He was at Dalton last night. A company from the Regular Brigade went down to Chattanooga last evening to guard him to Washington. That’s all.

Yours truly, — Charles Fowler

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