1862: Orin Perry Stoffer to Sarah Woods

Cotter’s Battery A, 1st O.L.A.

This letter was written by Orin Perry Stoffer (1841-1911), the son of Arthur Stoffer (1817-1888) and Hulda Goss (1821-1894) of Randolph, Portage County, Ohio. Orin enlisted in Battery A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery in September 1861. He served with the Battery until they were mustered out in July 1865. Battery A participated in the western campaign of the war (Kentucky and Tennessee) until they joined Sherman’s march through Georgia. Late in the war they were back in Tennessee.

Orin was married to Louisa A. Grant (1845-1911) in January 1866.

This letter is accompanied by an envelope that probably wasn’t in production until 1862 so it is unlikely to be the original envelope carrying this September 1861 letter. It is addressed to Miss Sarah Woods (b. 1840), the daughter of Amos and Rebecca Woods of Randolph.


Addressed to Miss Sarah Woods, Randolph, Portage County, Ohio
Postmarked Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio
September 24th [1861]

Dear Sade,

I told you I would write to you and so I thought it was the time for tomorrow we have got to start for Louisville, Kentucky — 250 miles down the river. That is all I can tell you about it. We came in to camp about 2 hours ago. I received your Bochationty [?] yesterday and have got it here but I guess I can not take it much further. We shall have to send our things back tomorrow. That is darn mean.

We stayed in Cleveland last night. We had a nice ride. I don’t think I should have come if it had not been that I could have a ride on the cars for nothing. I wish you could be here and hear them swear. Tell Lide [Louiza] that I have got the Bosha [?] and shall keep it as long as I can. Tell her to write to me. I wrote a letter to Patty when we was a coming down today. I guess she will have a nice time a reading it. I have not got any more to write so goodbye and remember the buggy ride. Write soon and direct to Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio in care of C[harles] S. Cotter and I guess in care of Orin P. Stoffer. You will have your match to read this.

Give my love to all the girls and I am afraid that won’t be much for I gave it all to the Darkeys as we came down the track. Goodbye. — O. P. S.

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