1862: Andrew Bell Vennard to Brother

This letter was written by Andrew Bell Vennard of the U.S. Navy serving on board the U.S. Receiving Ship in Boston in 1862. Andrew was the son of Andrew B. Vennard (1808-1857) and Ariadne Shapleigh Locke of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


U. S. Receiving Ship Ohio
Boston [Massachusetts]
December 17, 1862

Dear Brother,

I have been so busy the past week that I have not had time to write which I meant to have done to explain why the valise did not come down sooner. George took it for me last Saturday and left it at his store till yesterday when he happened to think of it, so you see it was through his forgetfulness that it was delayed.

I intend coming down to spend a day as soon as I can see a little leisure, but there has been so many vessels fitting out lately that we have to be here every day — work or no work — as we do not know how soon it will come. John Bates has been detached from the “Weehawken” and ordered to the “Sacramento” at Portsmouth which pleases him very much. I had a letter from Thompson last weeks. He is in Pensacola and expects to be there all winter. He sent regards to all the family.

I have been to the theatre most every night the past two weeks and have had some gay times as we have some good fellows here now for officers.

The girls are all well and the Partridges send love to you by the way. Albert Nickerson is dead in love with Aggie. He made her a present of the handsomest album I ever saw. The covers are solid pearl bound in velvet with silver trimmings and filled it with fancy pictures. The whole cost $40 and there is not another one in Boston.

The bird is well. I took her to the theatre last Thursday and after the performance we had one on our own account. Such is life.

The folks are all well and send love. Tell Mother to send my clothes by Saturday if possible as I need some of the things. With love to all, I remain.

Yours in a great hurry. — Andrew



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