1862: Wesley Langes to Washington Langes

Wesley’s headstone

This letter was written by private Wesley Langes (1836-1909) who enlisted at age 25 on 27 October 1861 at Canisteo in Troop F, 6th New York Cavalry, to serve three years. He was promoted to corporal in November 1862, and re-enlisted in December 1863. He was captured at Trevelian Station on 11 June 1864 and imprisoned at Andersonville for a time. He was promoted to sergeant on 1 January 1865 and was mustered out of the service on 27 June 1865 at Cloud’s Mills, Va.

Wesley was the son of William Langs (1805-1894) and Azuba Elizabeth Labour (1814-1898). [Note: family surname “Langs”] Wesley wrote the letter to his younger brother, William Washington Langs (1842-1925).

Patriotic Cachet on Wesley’s Letter

Addressed to Mr. Washington Langes, Canisteo, Steuben County, New York

Yorktown, Virginia
May 18, 1862

Dear Brother,

I have not heard from any of you in some time and this is the third time that I have written to you since we have been here. I am well at present. We are patrolling the country around Yorktown and Williamsburg where the great battle was fought. We have captured some Rebels and brought them to head quarters. We have not been in any engagements yet.

— Mr. Wesley Langes

Yorktown, Va.
6th New York Volunteer Cavalry, Co. F
in care of Major [Floyd] Clarkson



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